Corporate Membership

  1. Corporate Membership includes Member, Spouse & Children up to the age of 25 years.
  2. These Cards will be valid till the existence of the Company. The Company is entitled to change such nominees not earlier than one year.
  3. The Cardholders of the Corporate Membership shall be exempt from payment of Charges for games and sports and Annual Subscription.


One Membership Card

25.00 Lacs
+ GST 18% (As Applicable)

Two Membership Cards

45.00 Lacs
+ GST 18% (As Applicable)

Three Membership Cards

67.5 Lacs
+ GST 18% (As Applicable)

Four Membership Cards

87.5 Lacs
+ GST 18% (As Applicable)
Membership Card will be for Member, Spouse & Children below 18 years


  • A letter from Company stating that you are applied for Corporate Membership – Original
  • A letter of confirmation on Company letter stating that you are giving corporate membership to Mr. __________ - Original
  • Pan Card
  • Address Proof
  • Resolution for Membership
  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Partnership Deed/ Equivalent Document


  • Company I-Card of the intending member.
  • Photo ID Proof of the Intending Member.
  • Current Address Proof of the Intending Member.
  • Marriage Certificate for Spouse
  • Birth Certificate for Children below 18 years.
  • 4 Colour photographs of each Member, Spouce & Children.


  1. The original copy of the above documents are required to be produced for verification purpose.
  2. Self Attested Xerox copy for Records & Original for Verification
  3. Chargeable Activity : Gym-Health Facility, Billiard / Snookers, Lockers