Service Membership

The Serving I.A.S, I.P.S, I.F.S., I.R.S. Officers of Class I Cadre of Central & State Government, Officers of Indian Army / Navy / Air force of the rank of Lt. Col., Dy. Commissioners of Mumbai Municipal Corporation; or officers of the equivalent cadres, Principals of recognized schools and colleges of Western suburbs are eligible to be enrolled as Service Member of the Club.



+ GST 18% (As Applicable)


+ GST 18% (As Applicable)
Membership Card will be for Member, Spouse & Children below 18 years

Required Documents

  • Copy of PAN Card (Compulsory).
  • Copy of Current Designation Proof / Current Profile (Certificate if applicable).
  • Photo copy of Photo Identity and Current Address Proof.
  • Reference of Life Member.
  • Doctors Fitness Certificate.
  • Marriage Certificate for Spouse. (if apply for Couple)
  • Latest Color Photographs of Specific size (30 X 35 mm) – 4 Nos.
  • For Sr. No. 1, 2, 3, 6 - Original for Verification


  1. GST as Applicable, 18%
  2. Membership shall be valid for one year from the date of Approval.
  3. After expiry of membership, Member can apply for renewal and if approved shall pay the existing fee.
  4. Service Members do not have voting right.
  5. Governing Council reserves the right to accept or reject the application for membership and open/ close such membership from time to time considering the circumstances.